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AEI META: Sectors

Main subsectors in the agrofood technology, equipment and machinery AEI:

  • Phytosanitary agricultural machinery - it includes farming switchgear and machinery, greenhouse structures, environmental control systems, irrigation systems and cultivation substrates.
  • Packing, packaging and handling equipment - it includes plastics, wood, cardboard, product labeling, thermo-retractable film, single supports (trays,...) and meshes, among others.
  • Agrofood machinery - it includes equipment for the agrofood sector such as handling machinery: automatic sorting lines, semiautomatic sorting lines, handling machinery, as well as systems for task automation, weighing, waste treatment and
    environmental management. Conservation equipment - it includes refrigeration chambers and pre-cooling lines.
  • Stockbreeding equipment and machinery - it includes tanks and silos, quartering and abattoir equipment, cattle raising
    equipment and machinery, animal feed preparation equipment and machinery, purin treatment devices, environmental
    protection equipment, crushing machines, boilers, extruders and other equipment for feed factories.
  • Advanced services for the agrofood sector - firms specialized in agricultural training, IT applied to agro-industrial applications,
    agronomic engineering, labs, etc.

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